Workflow Week (5): InDesign and Publish Online

In the last part of Workflow Week, the cover that started out in Photoshop Mix is now in InDesign, where it is added to the rest of the document, interactivity is added and then presented to the World via Publish Online.

InDesign and Publish Online: The Video

Workflow Week (4): Refinements

Now it’s time to work on the image a bit in Photoshop. In this stage we are going to use CC Libraries to add a layer style to the text, and also show how easy it is to manage/move /copy content between libraries, before using the Camera Raw Filter to quickly—and nondestructively—make powerful adjustments to the image.

Refinements: The Video

A note

The only reason for the pasted text in this part, was to show the capabilities of adding layer styles to a library and being able to apply them with one click, so if that seems a little awkward and not my usual style of doing things, you’d be right—but I was just so keen to show off this feature as it’s a massive time-saver.

Workflow Week (1): Desktop to CC Libraries

Every day this week, there will be a post that forms a five-part mini-series showing a Creative Cloud workflow. A few weeks back, we had a post that looked at a workflow starting in Comp; this series builds on that and gives a lot more detail as there is a video with every step, and it also looks at stakeholder approval as a part of the workflow.

Because it’s Monday, we’ll keep the first one short—this post looks at adding a couple of things from Illustrator and Photoshop to a CC library, as part of a project that will be developed over the rest of the week.

The Video: Desktop to CC Libraries

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