New Auto Mock-Ups Feature in Comp CC

Comp CC continues to grow and today has added more new features to extend the capabilities of the app:


  • Auto Mock-ups—if you need a quick mock-up to show how your app/web design/iPad project or even print project then there are at least a couple of different mock-up images applied to each of those formats (web has five) to help you sell the idea to stakeholders without having to wait to get back to the desktop
  • Edit Multiple Selections—when you have multiple objects or a group selected you can change common attributes like colour, opacity or font easily; there’s a also a new way to select multiple objects by tapping and long holding on an object while tapping others to select others; see this short (and silent) movie:
  • Use Your Own Fonts—if you have third party fonts installed on your device, you can now use those as well as the Typekit/device fonts—fantastic if you have a corporate font to use on your projects
  • Keyboard Shortcuts—yep, just like on an er, computer! When you have a connected keyboard attached to your iPad then you can nudge with the arrow keys, duplicate and zoom using that

IMG_0743IMG_0747IMG_0749 Do share and rate the app—it really does encourage the teams that work so hard to make this app as awesome as it is!

Workflow Week (2): Photoshop Mix and Comp CC

workflow2The second part of the workflow week series sees us working on the cover for a digital magazine, from the iPad.

The video: Photoshop Mix to Comp CC to InDesign


In the video, the wrong logo asset is used in the bottom-right corner (working too hard at the weekends)—I’m sure you get the idea, though.

Workflow Week (1): Desktop to CC Libraries

Every day this week, there will be a post that forms a five-part mini-series showing a Creative Cloud workflow. A few weeks back, we had a post that looked at a workflow starting in Comp; this series builds on that and gives a lot more detail as there is a video with every step, and it also looks at stakeholder approval as a part of the workflow.

Because it’s Monday, we’ll keep the first one short—this post looks at adding a couple of things from Illustrator and Photoshop to a CC library, as part of a project that will be developed over the rest of the week.

The Video: Desktop to CC Libraries

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